The main areas of Life Balance
mybalance helps you live a balanced life with energy coming from all life areas: yourself, your relationship, family, friends, and your work.

Take the Life Balance Check™

The Life Balance Check™ is at the heart of our mybalance program. The sixty question questionnaire has been developed with leading scientists around the world to help you learn about your current Life Balance across all five main Life Balance catagories and their subcategories. Invest twenty minutes into answering these questions and you’ll be rewarded with an insightful Life Balance results report. The report is your perfect guide towards leading a more balanced life.

mybalance Research

Developed with leading researchers
from around the world.

Your Personal Life Balance Results Report

This detailed assessment makes it easy to focus where you want to start your Life Balance improvement journey. The objective is for all five areas of your life to provide you with energy as opposed to draining energy from you. Improving your weaker areas while drawing energy from your stronger areas will allow you to quickly start living a more balanced life.

“I always felt that my work-life balance was completely out of whack, but I didn’t know where to start improving.

The mybalance Life Balance Report gave me a clear roadmap on how to get more balance into my life!”

Becky C.

mybalance user since September 2013

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