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My results report only shows my overall result. How can I see my detailed results?


If your membership status in the top left corner of your screen shows "Basic" then you will not be able to receive the full detailed results report.

Full Results Report and Access to the Advice Center

Upgrade your membership to Gold now and receive a detailed multi-page report with your results in each of the following categories.

  1. You as a person:

    • time for yourself
    • your values
    • your health
    • your home
    • your financial situation

  2. Your relationship with a partner.
  3. Your family.
  4. Your friends.
  5. Your work.

You don't need to retake the questionnaire; your results are saved in your account and your detailed report will be available to you immediately after you upgrade.

Additional benefits of the Gold membership include:

  • full access to the mybalance Advice Center
  • unlimited use of the mybalance Diary
  • full access to the community features

Upgrade now!

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