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Stefan Osthaus
Stefan Osthaus: International keynote speaker

It’s time to drop the myth of work-life balance!

This myth makes a schism between work and private life, implying that private time is good, work needs to be endured and that life only really begins after 5 pm. We wish to end this counter-intuitive pseudo-conflict between work and life and replace it with the concept of Life Balance, where all areas of life can be fulfilling, fun, energizing and in harmony with each other.

Balanced Employees Create Stellar Customer Experience

In his keynote, Life Balance expert Stefan Osthaus presents his new and revolutionary formula against burn-out and workplace frustration. His five areas of Life Balance turn the work-life balance myth upside down. Audiences can see the inspiration and joy in the big picture of life and learn how they can make this picture their own.

During his entertaining, yet thought-provoking keynote, Life Balance mastermind Stefan Osthaus becomes a refreshing catalyst for change. As a key part of your event, conference, annual kick-off or leadership gathering, he will be your token of commitment towards more sustainable working environments and employee well-being.

Show That You Care!

Does your company demand much of its employees, yet still care about keeping them well-rounded, key contributors? Then Stefan’s Life Balance keynotes are for you.

Do you plan on holding a conference or leadership gathering to look at the strong link between well balanced and happy employees and satisfied customers? Then Stefan’s concept of Life Balance will add the perspective that can tie it all together.

If your mission in life is to enable Life Balance and synergy between every individual and their partners, family, friends and work, then let Stefan help you achieve this common goal.


Stefan Osthaus

Stefan Osthaus' Background

Stefan Osthaus is the founder of mybalance, an institution for Life Balance self-improvement and consultancy. He has more than fifteen years of leadership experience in global corporations and has successfully driven Life Balance programs tying sustainable employee environments together with stellar customer experience. Past leadership positions include Vice President of Global Marketing, Vice President of Worldwide Customer Care as well as Vice President of Customer and Employee Experience.

In his latest book, The End of Work-Life Balance, Stefan shook up the myth of work-life balance and guides his readers to a more balanced life.

Stefan studied at the University of Münster (Germany) and San Diego State University and holds a degree in Business Administration. He is an enthusiastic skier, horseman, windsurfer, as well as gardener, and lives in Germany with his family.

English and German

Past Presentation Topics (examples)

  • What Kind of Customers & Employees do you Deserve? (watch the recording below)
  • Five Ways to More Life Balance - Five Ways to More Sustainable Work Environments
  • Life Balance at Work - the End of the Work-Life Balance Myth
  • Work-Life Balance - a Dangerous Myth?
  • Employee Life Balance and Stellar Customer Experience
  • Great Customer Experience and How It Relates to Your Employees’ Life Balance



An Insightful Author

The End of Work-Life Balance
Stefan's new book: The End of Work-Life Balance

Stefan is the author of The End of Work-Life Balance, a book on why we set ‘work’ opposite of ‘life’ and how--instead--work can be a healthy, enjoyable part of life. Read how our lives are actually made up of various components that ideally complement and balance each other... more

‘The End of Work-Life Balance’ will deconstruct the misleading concept of ‘work-life balance’ and introduce the reader to the much more sustainable and holistic concept of Life Balance. Through a comprehensive guide complete with 75 invaluable tips, the reader will have immediate access to the right tools to incorporate new patterns, habits and actions into a more balanced life... more


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