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Using the Life Balance Check for your initial assessment of new clients.
Using the Life Balance Check for your initial assessment of new clients.
The five main Life Balance areas with subcategories.
The five main Life Balance areas with subcategories.

If you are a coach working with professionals, there’s a high chance you base your individual coaching on results from personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ or Birkman™ test for occupational preferences. Understanding your clients’ personality gives you the necessary insight to address and improve their approach to the various areas of their life.

Adding the mybalance Life Balance Check™ to your initial assessment of a client’s situation gives you invaluable insight into their overall Life Balance as well as into how they approach each of the five areas of life.

The mybalance coaching packs of 5, 10 and 25 license keys offer you an easy way to provide your customer with a free coupon code to take the Life Balance Check™ and come back to you with a detailed results report. With mybalance Coaching Packs, you bear the cost of the license keys and include them in your overall bill to your client.

Click here for a sample Life Balance Check™ results report and see how your coaching program could benefit from this extra degree of insight into your client’s Life Balance.

Purchasing mybalance Coaching Packs is easy:

mybalance Coaching Packs

With our mybalance Coaching Packs it is easy to purchase multiple access codes to the Gold membership. Discounted pricing, a straightforward ordering and payment process as well as useful deliverables allow coaches to make the mybalance Life Balance Check part of their initial assessment of new clients.




Number of Codes
(paid + free)


per Code



4 + 1 = 5





7 + 3 = 10





9 + 6 = 15





11 + 9 = 20





12 + 12 = 24





Order Process

Ordering your mybalance Coaching Packs could not be easier: simply send us an email to team[at] and state

  • the item (e.g. "CP10") you would like to order
  • the URL of your business website
  • the billing address

That's all!


Deliverables and delivery time

You will receive your mybalance Coaching Pack via email within 24 hours. Your delivery will include a PDF document with

  • your invoice
  • one PDF page per code purchased (see a sample here)

You can then print the codes on your own letterhead and hand them to your clients.



You can pay your invoice by check (United States and European Union only), PayPal or bank transfer. Payment must be received within 2 weeks after delivery or the coupon codes will be deactivated until payment is received.


Return Policy and Coupon Validity

Purchases are final, no refunds. Coupon codes are valid for redemption 2 years after they are issued, i.e. the one year membership to mybalance must start within 2 years after the coupon codes are issued.



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