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The mybalance Advice Center offers you a valuable collection of tips, tricks, gadgets, and books, sorted by life category – some are more profound, some are more fun– all designed to make it easy to browse through and build your personal Life Balance improvement plan.

All the Bestselling Tips From the Book - Here in Your Advice Center!

The mybalance Advice Center offers you all the tips from Stefan Osthaus' bestselling book The End of Work-Life Balance.  In addition to the book format, the Advice Center here has new tips added constantly and allows you to easily sort and filter tips in order to build your individual Life Balance Improvement Plan.



Building your Personal Life Balance Improvement Plan
You Personal Life Balance Improvement Plan

A Wealth of Wisdom

Each tip in the Advice Center can easily be added to your individual Life Balance Improvement Plan, then deselected again once you are done with it, or even hidden if you want to remove it. To help you find what you like, you choose how to filter and sort your tips.

Our most popular tips are our timesavers that help free up the time you want to better balance your life. Just search for the tag “timesaver” for the complete list.

Tip-by-tip proven advice
Tip-by-tip proven advice

A Trusted Source of Advice

Each item in the Advice Center is based on the mybalance staff’s life experience or user submissions. The best of them have already been published in Stefan Osthaus' book The End of Work-Life Balance, but the Advice Center here at mybalance has even more of them. They are tried and true methods used by thousands of employees in large companies and can have a direct impact on any individual’s Life Balance. Each tip ends with a summary of the key takeaways, making it easy for you to turn the tips you like into more balanced behavior.

Still, the best thing at mybalance is our community, which is constantly adding ratings, comments and their own advice. Look at the top of each tip to see the community rating, and at the bottom to find community comments, suggestions, and other users’ experiences with that piece of advice. You can also add your own comments there.



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